Pet Dental Care

Ensure the well-being of your dogs and cats with comprehensive dental care at Westside Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs. 

A group of people in a medical room
A group of people checking the teeth of pets

Veterinary Dental Exams

Often overlooked, dental care is crucial in preventing periodontal disease, which can contribute to serious health issues like heart, lung, and kidney diseases in pets.

Prioritize your pet’s oral health through regular veterinary dental exams. These essential check-ups are seamlessly integrated into your pet’s annual preventive care visit. As your pet matures, we diligently examine for anomalies, plaque and tartar buildup, periodontal disease, and oral tumors. Depending on the findings, our experienced team may recommend a professional dental tooth cleaning.

Pet Dental Cleaning

When a professional pet dental cleaning is necessary, trust our skilled team to perform the procedure in a single day at our animal hospital. A standard dental cleaning for dogs or cats includes:

Pre-Anesthetic Exam – For your pet’s safety and comfort, dental cleanings are conducted under anesthesia. We conduct a thorough physical exam and a safety blood work panel to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Dental Radiographs – We take dental X-rays to comprehensively assess your pet’s oral health, identifying abnormalities not visible during a physical examination.

Anesthesia Monitoring – We vigilantly monitor and record your pet’s vital signs throughout the anesthesia.

Scaling and Polishing – Each tooth undergoes meticulous scaling and polishing during the dental cleaning to remove plaque and protect your pet’s dental health.

Fluoride/Sealants – Strengthen and desensitize your pet’s teeth, reducing future plaque accumulation.

Rest assured, we closely monitor your pet during recovery and promptly notify you upon completion of the procedure, scheduling a discharge appointment.

    Home Dental Care

    Establishing a home dental cleaning routine is crucial for your pet’s ongoing health. We provide various home dental care products, including special diets and dental chews. Our team is available to demonstrate proper brushing techniques and guide you in implementing an effective home dental program.

    Prioritize your pet’s oral health for a longer, healthier life. Contact us to schedule an appointment and partner with us to ensure your pet’s well-being.