Pet Surgery

Discover comprehensive veterinary surgical care at Westside Animal Hospital. We offer routine and advanced procedures, including orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

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Veterinary Surgical Services in Colorado Springs

Our modern facility boasts digital X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, and an on-site laboratory, ensuring the latest veterinary surgical techniques. Trust us to monitor your pet’s recovery closely.

Pet Surgery: What to Expect

We understand the stress surrounding pet surgery and prioritize optimal outcomes, so we create surgical plans based on your pet’s needs. Your pet’s personalized surgical plan includes:

  • Complete physical exam
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing
  • Digital X-rays or ultrasound
  • Meticulous monitoring during surgery and recovery
  • Advanced pain management techniques

Pain Management For Pet Comfort

Your pet’s safety and comfort are paramount. Our commitment to their well-being involves various pain management techniques, such as medications, therapeutic laser treatments, or acupuncture. Pain relief continues throughout recovery, with the option of at-home medications if needed. Our veterinary staff is always ready to assist.

Spaying & Neutering Services

Opt for our spaying and neutering services, promoting a longer, healthier life for your pets. Beyond preventing unwanted pregnancies, these procedures safeguard against reproductive tract diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and various cancers. Make a wise choice for your pet’s well-being.

Tumor Removal Expertise

Count on Westside Animal Hospital‘s experience diagnosing and removing soft tissue tumors. Regular preventive care exams include checks for abnormal growths, ensuring early identification for optimal treatment outcomes. We understand the concern surrounding your pet’s health and stand by you throughout the process.

    Soft Tissue Surgery For Dogs & Cats

    Westside Animal Hospital excels in providing a comprehensive suite of benefits for your pets, including skilled veterinary and technical staff, heated surgery tables, advanced sterilization techniques, oxygen saturation monitors, ECG, and in-house laboratory blood testing. Trust our experienced veterinary surgical team for soft tissue surgeries, covering procedures like spaying, neutering, foreign body removal, bladder stone removal, tumor removal, and endoscopic/laparoscopic surgery.

    We understand the stress and anxiety associated with an ailing pet. If veterinary surgery is recommended, our compassionate veterinary team will be with you immediately. We have experience in performing soft tissue surgical procedures such as:

    • Spaying and neutering
    • Foreign body removal
    • Bladder stone removal
    • Tumor removal
    • Endoscopic/laparoscopic surgery

      What to Expect From Our Veterinary Surgeries

      Our highly skilled veterinary team ensures the best surgical experience. A typical soft tissue procedure features a convenient drop-off service, a thorough physical exam, pre-anesthesia blood work, advanced anesthesia and pain management techniques, vigilant monitoring before, during, and after surgery, and a detailed status update post-surgery.

      Post-Operative Care and Support

      As your pet prepares to return home, we provide comprehensive post-operative care and medication instructions. Our commitment extends beyond the clinic; we are just a phone call away for any questions or concerns about veterinary surgery, anesthesia, pain management, or post-operative care. Contact us to schedule your surgical appointment and experience compassionate care for your pet’s well-being.